Who is Aof? It’s famous because people see money more than people. Waiting to see the coolness!

Aof Pongsak beat people born from popularity public favorite Instead, they see power and money more than human beings. Waiting to see the perfection Who are you attending?

Aof Pongsak

Image from Instagram aofpongsak

It can be said that during this period the strength is not faint at all. For the young singer Aof Pongsak, most recently (30 August 2021), he has uploaded an IG story with the message “It’s strange that people born from popularity people’s liking to see power and money more than human I’m waiting to see the disintegration.”

Oh! At this event, I don’t know who Aof Pongsak is referring to. Of course, I will have to let myself come out and answer it myself..


Image from Instagram aofpongsak

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