Who is Carlos Kambourian, the doctor-candidate of Juntos whom Carlos Bianco made a fool of for a tweet | When he contracted the virus, the controversial doctor was accused by his neighbors of putting them at risk

“I kept it”, said the Chief of Cabinet of the province of Buenos Aires, Carlos White, alluding to a tweet from Carlos Kambourian, a pediatrician who rose to fame for his controversial appearances in television programs during the pandemic. The message from the doctor predicted an August with hospitals full of coronavirus patients and lack of vaccines.

Did not hit with your analysis, but his positions against the Government served him to be a candidate for councilor for the macrismo in Malvinas Argentinas. Despite his preaching, When he contracted the virus, the neighbors of his building accused him of violating the quarantine and putting them at risk.

And although no one knows if he is going to risk continuing with the forecasts after he was unmasked this Tuesday, he was fit for the coat although Bianco did not name him and replied … on Twitter. “Dear Chief of Staff. Devote yourself to vaccinating children with cancer. Take your time for what we pay you. Do not worry about me, or my posts. They are irrelevant. The posts are mine. The dead are yours,” he challenged without apologizing for his mistake.

What is not understood is why if he considers his posts irrelevant, he continues to do them.

This Monday, he tweeted: “DESPERATION for one vote. The President of the clandestine parties, the Governor who screams and does not govern and the militant ministers of health, they vaccinate you and give you an FDT ballot. I told you. A vaccine is a vote ” making a gathering of the arguments that the opposition uses to campaign.

The doctor was director of the Garrahan Hospital, but gained notoriety for his tirades against the Government in the last year and a half. He also worked in the Malvinas Argentinas health system for 17 years under the mandate of one of the barons of the suburbs, Jesús Cariglino.

But Cambourian, result, It is not what is called a citizen. He suffered in person the complaint of his neighbors for a situation of the greatest irresponsibility. In january was diagnosed with covid, so that should have kept isolation for fourteen days that indicates the sanitary protocol. Nevertheless, Neighbors of the building in which he lives sent him a letter when they discovered that he was ill and he was walking through the corridors and the elevator. Even they released the video of the security cameras in which the violation of isolation is confirmed.

His fame precedes him, but even so, the tweet posted on his account is still funny.

PRESIDENT: I ​​make myself available to put my ideas, my body and my time to contribute strategies, with the same vehemence with which I criticize and will continue to criticize health management. There is no more time to play with people’s lives. “

It would be rare for the president to summon him.


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