who is Noor Alfalah, his partner of 28 years?

Al Pacino, 81 years old and in a relationship: who is Noor Alfalah, his 28-year-old companion?

Al Pacino, 81 years old and in a relationship: who is Noor Alfalah, his 28-year-old companion?

When we love, we don’t count. At 81, Al Pacino is dating a young woman 53 years his junior, Noor Alfallah, ex-girlfriend of Rolling Stones star Mick Jagger. Coming from a wealthy American-Kuwaiti family, Noor Alfallah is a producer and frequents the jet-set.

The global movie star Al Pacino would have found love again. As the magazine revealed Page Six Wednesday April 13, 2022, the icon of the seventh art would be in a relationship with a young woman of 28, Noor Alfalah. The couple was seen at the Felix Trattoria, a restaurant in Venice, California, during an exhibition. They were notably accompanied by actor Jason Momoa who later posted a series of photos from the event on Instagram. And as reported by a source at Page SixAl Pacino and Noor Alfallah reportedly started seeing each other during the pandemic: “Age doesn’t seem to be a problem, even though he’s older than his father. She frequents the jet-set, comes from a rich family. (…) Most of the time, she rubs shoulders with rich men who are older than her.

Indeed, the producer is not unknown to the planet people. And for good reason, she was in particular in a relationship with Mick Jagger. The former lovers, then aged 22 and 74 respectively, would have met through Brett Ratner, an American director and producer. “Our ages didn’t matter to me”she told Hello ! at the time of their breakup, in 2017. And to add: “The heart doesn’t know what it sees, it only knows what it feels. It was my first serious relationship, and it was a very happy time for me.” Noor Alfallah has also attended in the pastbillionaire investor Nicolas Berggruen, 60and was also spotted at The Angels with Clint Eastwood, 91 answho she says was just a relative. “There’s no relationship, we’re not dating. We’re family friends, and my family was there and that’s it,” she said at the time to the Daily Mail.

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Al Pacino “too old” for his ex-girlfriend

For its part, this is not the first time thatAl Pacino is in a relationship with a younger woman. In 2020, Al Pacino, who was then 79, parted ways with actress Meital Dohan, 36 years her junior. The latter had not minced his words after their breakup, explaining to the magazine Laisha that it had been too hard for her “to be with such an old man”. “The age difference is difficile, yes. I tried to deny it, but he’s an old person, to be honest. So even with all my love, it didn’t last. He only bought me flowers. He didn’t like to spend his money. how can i say politely that he didn’t like to spend money ?”, she explained to the media. Despite everything, the Israeli only wanted to keep the best of this relationship. “We had a fight and I left him recently, but of course I love him and I have regard for him, and I was happy to be there for him when he needed me. It’s an honor for me. I’m glad this relationship happened between us and I hope that we will remain good friends”she concluded.

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