Who is Piotr Pavlenski? The radical artist who has leaked the intimate video of Macron’s friend

The 35-year-old Russian performance nailed his scrotum on the cobblestones of the Red Square in one of his artistic performances

Piotr Pavlenski, a 35-year-old Russian, is a complex and excessive character. The artist-activist has starred in numerous political performances, among the best known is when he sewed his mouth in support of the “Pussy Riot”, the young women sentenced to two years in prison for “desecrating” the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow during a ” punk prayer “in which they openly criticized President Vladimir Putin. But his media figure shot up internationally when he nailed his scrotum on the cobblestones of the Red Square. A part of his fame comes from his assiduous provocations to the Kremlin. He has been living in France for more than three years. In October 2016, he published the French edition of his book “The Pavlenski Case: politics as art.”

He is the son of a father who died of alcoholism and a mother who was a psychiatric nurse. In Moscow he publishes “The Pavlenski Case: politics as art” while he is hospitalized in an asylum, without being declared insane. In December 2016, he hurriedly leaves the city after being accused, along with his girlfriend, of sexual assault by a young actress.

It burned from one of the doors of the headquarters of the former KGB and is politically persecuted. The artist obtained political asylum in France in May 2017. That same year, he received a sentence of ten years in prison in his country for alleged “false charges.” It was the French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons who granted him political refugee status. Initially, he and his partner stayed in a bookstore expert in Russian literature called Le Globe, in the Marais, in Paris.

Russian activist Piotr Pavlenski has returned to the center of the controversy today. Thursday night was attributed in an interview published by the newspaper “Libération”, the dissemination of videos and messages of a sexual nature attributed to Benjamin Griveaux. These videos are the origin of the withdrawal of Griveaux’s candidacy for mayor of Paris. Pavlenski would have declared to have these contents through a “source” that “He had a consensual relationship with Benjamin Griveaux.”

With a known taste for provocations, He has promised that this is only the starting point for a series of revelations that are yet to come. “What a relief! What a pride, ”Dominique Beyreuther Minkov, lawyer of the artist and his partner Oksana Chaliguina, reacted in“ Le Figaro ”.

To what extent the filtering of the sexual video of the former spokesman of the French Government can become the nth artistic piece of this French performance remains to be seen. What we can say is that it has returned to the main covers of international media.


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