Who is the GIRL that Danna Paola is “dating”?

This day, the singer, Danna Paola became a topic of conversation in the social media world after he allegedly “showed” his thousands of fans the person he is really “dating.”

It is no secret to anyone that the interpreter of songs like “Oye Pablo” and “Sodio” has decided to keep her romantic relationships far from her fame; of what little is known of his love affairs was the one he had with Eleazar Gomez when they coincided in the soap opera “Dare to dream”.

For this reason, the publication of the revealing video immediately captured the attention of Internet users as they assured that at last the protagonist of the series “Elite” had made their relationship public.


On his profile on Instagram, Danna Paola He uploaded a video enjoying a delicious ice cream with a young woman identified as Liz María, who is allegedly one of his best friends.

“Today I’m going to really introduce you to the person I’m dating, her name is Liz María,” he said in the recording.

Apparently, the 25-year-old girl decided to play a joke on her more than 25 million in the social network, because she would have gotten tired of so many suitors who put, including the soccer star, Neymar Jr.


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