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Colombia woke up this Monday, December 14 with a new millionaire. It is about a person in Manizales who hit the chance with the biggest prize accumulated in the history of this game of luck and chance, for which he will receive about 6,982 million pesos.

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It is an amount comparable to the Baloto prizes. For example, in January 2016 in Medellín a Baloto fell for 6,500 million pesos. In Bogotá, in March 2017, a Baloto-Revancha fell for 4,000 million.

The winner of the Millionaire Chance will receive, this time, a prize of
4,914 million pesos, the highest value in its entire operation. In addition, it will have the Double Play, accumulated regionally for about 2,068 million pesos, so the total it will receive is 6,982 million pesos, being the highest sum delivered by a chance company in the country.

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The numbers that gave the winner of the chance luck on this occasion were 1919 from the Lotería del Cauca and 0709 from the Lotería de Boyacá, with an investment of only 5,000 pesos and, according to the Chance Millionaire company directives, it is the second time that the large accumulated money has been delivered.

This game of luck and chance is a product marketed by the Permanent Gambling Business Association in 31 departments of the country, in the modality of chance of double success with accumulated prize.

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“It is a pleasure for us and the associates to make a Colombian family happy, ending such a difficult year,” said Julián Hurtado, manager of Susuerte in Caldas, the company that presents the award to the winner.

Said chance starts today with a cumulative of 1,000 million pesos, Amount that is increased for each draw carried out from Monday to Saturday, except Sundays and holidays.

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To play, you must select 5 4-digit numbers plus two lotteries or draws. If you match two of the numbers and the two selected lotteries or draws, you will be the recipient of the jackpot. If you match just one number and one chosen lottery or draw, you will win 1,260,504.

Chance millionaire is a product that is available at SuRed and SuperGiros establishments in 31 departments of the country, with the exception of Bogotá and Cundinamarca.

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