Who is the young girlfriend of former Congressman Ameri who appears in the scandalous sex tape

He deputy, who on Thursday night submitted his resignation in writing, made a discharge that far from conforming left more doubts than before. But beyond that, the question that remained floating, especially in the networks, is who is the young girlfriend of the now former legislator and advisor to Ameri, who appears in the video so questioned.


In the last hours, some photos of the woman in the video, Ameri’s girlfriend, whose name is Celeste Burgos, began to circulate on social networks.

On digital platforms, several users maintained that the young woman would also act as an advisor to the deputy.

The young woman is an advisor to the deputy and, according to the Political File, while Ameri was taking her first steps as a legislator in 2019, she was just graduating from the National University of Salta. According to data released by Crónica, she receives a salary of 140 thousand pesos.

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For his part, Ameri presented his resignation last night, after the president of the Lower House, Sergio Massa, together with the deputy Máximo Kirchner, told him: “Brother, either you send the resignation or we will throw you out tonight,” according to what infobae reported. An hour later, Massa called an intermission room in the session and informed the block presidents that the resignation of the unseemly deputy who kissed his partner’s chest in the middle of the session had reached his email.

In the letter, the then legislator made his position available: “Given the fact of public knowledge, I am writing to you to apologize for my conduct during the remote session of September 24 of the current. It was in no way my intention to miss respect for this Honorable Chamber, my fellow deputies and deputies, or the people of Salta who voted for me, “he explained.

And he added: “Aware of the responsibility that my position represents, I make available my resignation as national deputy, and I will continue working for my beloved province of Salta and for Argentina to stand up.”




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