Who is the Zombie Woman who walked in Seattle, United States? | video – USA – International

A video that was recorded on the streets of Seattle, city of USA, shocked the authorities. In the images, recorded by a user of TikTok, you can see a woman looking haunting while walking.

The passerby was nicknamed as the ‘zombie woman‘, because he was walking with difficulty as he was without a shoe. Furthermore, he had white powder on his face, a bloody bump on his stomach, black circles around his eyes, and just a few strands of fur covering his head.

Many assimilated it with a scene from the famous series ‘The Walking Dead’, however, nothing could be further from reality.

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(If you read us from the app see here the video that initially went viral).

Apparently, the woman, who was screaming in apparent pain, was seriously injured and with an injured foot, which made it difficult to walk.

In the shared recording, some police officers are also seen They came to help her. However, she refused to receive help.

After several minutes, the authorities managed to handle the strange situation and detained the woman to take her to a medical center. In the video, the victim shouts that she does not want to go to the hospital, while the agents put her to bed on a stretcher.

The woman also shouted “do not take my money” and “do not touch my baby”, so users on social networks have speculated that she could be pregnant.

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(If you read us from the app see here the videos of the police trying to help the woman).

The user who published the original video, and which was deleted by the TikTok platform after reaching millions of views, is Ishea Brown Couch, who confirmed that the woman had been taken to a local hospital.

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Although the Seattle authorities have not issued an official statement and it is not known what the current state of health of the woman is, some Internet users have made their hypotheses about the case.

On the one hand Ishea, assured that, “In a city like Seattle, it is not uncommon for people to not have the resources to take care of their mental health, housing and addiction“.

This is a real person. We have to have compassion in the midst of our curiosity“, she added, thus sending a message to the people who called her ‘zombie’ because of her appearance, denigrating her in some way for her condition.

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(If you read us from the app see here what the internet user who posted the video said).

Other users point out that it could be advertising for the movie ‘Kimi’, which is being recorded during this month of May in the city of the state of Washington. However, the strongest theses suggest that it would be a case of domestic abuse, violence, synthetic drugs or problems of mental health.

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  1. This woman has clearly been in a horrible traumatizing situation where she is scarred out of her mind. Looks like a near death experience and needs to be taken very seriously immediately if it has not already.

  2. I know this woman. Please leave her alone and leave speculative information out of this. A) It’s makeup, B) She did her hair this way… It’s shaved off now. C) She has her reasons. I don’t know what they all are, though, and it’s not my place to share. D) She’s not injured, pregnant, or any of that. Lol..


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