Who is Vladimir Boudnikoff, the producer who shares his life?

Vladimir Boudnikoff is not that the producer ofAya Nakamura.

In the lyrics of the songs of his last album released on Friday, November 13, Aya Nakamura show that she is a woman in love. “I like it when you’re around, that’s it (yeah)”, sung the young mother of a little girl in Teddy. In Growing feelings, she adds : “You walked into my life (Eh) When the sky was really gray (Really gray). Since you’ve been here. My life is much prettier (Eh) “. In Cliqeu X on myCanal and on the plateau of 19.45 of M6, the question about his private life had provoked a big discomfort, as she has already experienced a lot on TV shows. Our colleagues from Télé Star had tried to be more direct with Aya Nakamura by asking him: “You have in fact recently formalized your relationship with your producer Vladimir Boudnikoff, do you address him in the song Growing Feelings in which you say “Since you’ve been here, my life has been nicer.”

Aya Nakamura in a relationship with Vladimir Boudnikoff

“The question is: “Am I in love?” It can be understood like that, yes “, had answered Aya Nakamura. Before adding on his relationship with his producer Vladimir Boudnikoff : “Maybe yes, maybe no. If I have something to say, maybe I would tell the person concerned.” But there is no longer any doubt that the music video director makes the heart of the performer of Pookie and Djadja. This Saturday, November 14 on Twitter, shortly before midnight, Aya Nakamura has indeed posted a photo of her tenderly kissing Vladimir Boudnikoff. What if this photo taken during of the evening without a mask and with lots of people, organized for the release of his album was quickly withdrawn by the artist, it was reposted as a story on his Instagram account on Monday.

But who is Vladimir Boudnikoff ?

Vladimir Boudnikoff directed the music video for Smile, the duet between Youssoupha and Madame Monsieur in 2015, then that ofAngela, d’Aya Nakmura, released in 2017 and extracted from his first album but also the illustrative video of his hit Pookie. The one who describes himself as a producer, director and publisher also works with Oboy, Le Side, Ever Mihigo, Mammout, Julian Klay, Sam Poète and the independent label Studio Vova.

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