WHO predicts Covid-19 cases in the world will reach 20 million this week

JENEWA, KOMPAS.com – World Health Organization ( WHO) predict, this week the case Covid-19 worldwide it will reach 20 million, with 750,000 dead.

With predictions that could happen in the next few days, WHO said it was not too late to reduce the spread corona virus.

“This week, we will reach 20 million confirmed Covid-19 cases and 750,000 deaths,” said the Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

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In a virtual press conference, Tedros said the figure was so painful with many families mourning their missing relatives.

“But I want to emphasize it. There is still a ray of hope and … it is not too late to beat this outbreak,” he said.

He gave examples of New Zealand and Rwanda as countries that can suppress the spread of Covid-19, as reported by AFP Monday (10/8/2020).

Tedros also praised the country, which initially suffered from a national case, but is now able to swiftly handle it in case of a local surge.

“My message is clear: press, press, suppress the virus. If we can suppress it, we can save society,” he explained.

Since it was first discovered in Wuhan, China, at the end of last year, this corona virus has infected 19.9 million and killed 731,500, based on data AFP.

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Accelerating vaccine development

The increasing number of cases is also accompanied by the astonishing speed of each country in developing a safe and effective vaccine.

Based on data collected by WHO, there are currently 165 candidates coronavirus vaccine which is being researched around the world.

A total of 139 of these are still under pre-clinical evaluation, with 26 already undergoing human trials.

There is even a vaccine that is currently claimed to have entered Phase 3. This speed has also received attention from the director of the WHO emergency program, Mike Ryan.

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The epidemiologist from Ireland explained that even if the vaccine is proven successful, it does not guarantee that Covid-19 will disappear.

He gave an example that currently, the health world has succeeded in finding vaccines for polio and measles which are so effective.

“But until now, we are still struggling to eradicate or eliminate the disease,” explained the 55-year-old expert.

He explained that having a vaccine is only a small part of the answer, calling for the drug to be evenly distributed throughout the world.

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