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WHO says no one has died from Omicron But still can’t answer how severe – Post Today around the world

WHO says no one has died from Omicron But still can’t answer how severe it is.

Date 03 Dec 2021 time 19:00

The World Health Organization accelerates the study of the new virus. The choir has not yet found a critical patient.

The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed today that no deaths from COVID-19 have been reported. Omicron species After being found in more than 30 countries

Currently, the Health Organization is collecting information. about new virus whether it is the potential for transmission of infection immune defense or the severity of the disease

Christian Lindmeier, spokesman for the World Health Organization, said: “I have yet to see any reports of Omicron-related deaths. We are continuing to collect more evidence. And I sincerely hope that there will be no deaths from this virus. But it could happen too.”

Although still unclear about omicrons. This has led many to worry that it could result in severe illness, susceptibility to infection, or evasion of immunity. This is because the virus has multiple mutations. But preliminary data show that patients have mild symptoms. especially those who have been vaccinated

“There is still a lot we don’t know about Omicron,” said Dr. Jim Versalovich of the Texas hospital. But so far, many of the patients we’ve encountered have mild symptoms.

Like Dr Shuib Manjra from India, who said the evidence so far is that the patient’s condition is generally mild.

Earlier, Dr Angelique Kootzi, president of the South African Medical Association, said the symptoms she experienced were mild, including fatigue, muscle aches, headaches, sore throats, dry coughs, and a slight rise in body temperature. and fully recovered without hospitalization

She also did not find any patients losing smell or taste. Also, no significant reductions in oxygen levels in patients were found. which is different from the delta species

Like Unben Pillay, a South African expert said at a briefing by the South African Ministry of Health: The current infected person has mild symptoms. It is typically a dry cough, fever, body aches. In which people who have received the vaccine show much less symptoms.

Anthony Fauci, an infectious disease expert and chief medical adviser to the U.S. government, said although preliminary data from South Africa showed no abnormal symptoms had been found. But it is too early to say whether Omicron will result in serious disease.



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