WHO use against meningitis

Meningitis Pathogen / Kateryna_Kon, stock.adobe.com

Geneva – Thousands of people die from meningitis every year around the world, many of them live with severe disabilities after recovering from illness. The World Health Organization (WHO) has now adopted an action plan to reduce the meningitis caused by bacteria as far as possible by 2030.

This should save more than 200,000 lives a year. By 2030, the number of deaths is to be reduced by 70 percent and the number of cases halved.

The bacterial meningitis leads to major outbreaks, especially in the so-called meningitis belt in 26 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. One in ten infected people dies, a total of around 250,000 people a year. Two out of ten survivors subsequently live with severe health impairments. There are some vaccines available, but they are not widely used.

That should change. The WHO wants to promote research on other vaccines, among other things. Countries are to be helped to vaccinate more, to provide better and more extensive information about dangers, symptoms and preventive measures and to bring those affected to qualified medical treatment as quickly as possible. © dpa / aerzteblatt.de


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