WHO warns that herd immunity will not occur in 2021

(CNN) — The World Health Organization (WHO) warned that physical distancing measures should remain in force “for the rest of this year”, even when vaccination plans are launched worldwide. This, because it takes time to develop herd immunity.

WHO chief scientist Dr Soumya Swaminathan said herd immunity, a situation in which the majority of the population becomes immune to the virus, either because it has been infected and recovered, or through vaccination, does not it will be achieved this year.

Attempting herd immunity would kill up to 3 million people 2:53

“Because even when vaccines start to protect the most vulnerable, we are not going to achieve any level of herd immunity or herd immunity in 2021 and even if it does occur in some communities in some countries, it will not protect people in everyone, ”Swaminathan said.

Swaminathan added that until herd immunity is achieved, public health measures such as wearing masks and physical distancing will need to remain in effect.

«The vaccines are going to arrive. They are going to go to all countries, but in the meantime we must not forget that there are measures that work and … it is very important to remind people, both governments and individuals, about the responsibilities and measures that we still need to practice … to next… good for the rest of this year at least, ”he said.

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