WHO warns that there will be no herd immunity despite vaccines – News

“We are not going to achieve any level of population immunity or herd immunity in 2021,” the official said at a press conference, insisting on the need to maintain sanitary measures.

Soumya Swaminathan highlighted the “incredible progress” of the scientific community to develop numerous vaccines around the world, although he recalled that producing the doses and administering them to the entire population is a long process.

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“It takes time to produce vaccines on a scale, we are not just talking about millions of doses but billions”, He emphasized, then asking people, who are expectant about the possibility of recovering normality after a year of pandemic, “Be patient.”

The WHO chief scientist also insisted that “vaccines will eventually reach all countries.” “But in the meantime we must not forget the measures (to contain Covid-19) that work,” he said.

The people infected by coronavirus in the world were until this Sunday almost 90 million, while the pandemic caused more than 1.92 million deaths, in a statistics of countries in which Argentina remained in the twelfth ranking.

Throughout the planet, 89,731,755 people were infected with Covid-19, while 1,928,334 deaths were caused by the disease and 49,828,773 infected have already managed to recover.

In the United States, the coronavirus has generated 372,522 fatalities, with 22,138,995 confirmed cases so far.

For its part, India, consolidated in second place in the world ranking, had 10,450,284 infected people and 150,999 deaths, while Brazil, third, had 8,075,998 infected patients and 202,631 deaths in total.

Russia, in fourth place, has 3,366,715 infections and 60,963 deaths; meanwhile, Great Britain, now in fifth place, accumulated 3,026,348 infected and 81,000 deaths.


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