Who will be able to access the 800,000 antigenic tests available in the region?

The antigenic tests will be deployed as a priority in nursing homes, emergencies, etc. (Drawing) – PHILIPPE MAGONI / SIPA

  • In Occitania, since the end of August, 1.6 million PCR tests have been carried out.
  • In the coming days, 800,000 antigenic tests will be made available to nursing homes, emergencies, firefighters and even pharmacies.
  • They make it possible to complete the screening offer and are intended for symptomatic cases, four days maximum after the first signs.

In Occitania, as everywhere in France, the circulation of the coronavirus remains high, even if the hospital services recorded a 30% drop in the number of hospitalizations during the last week according to the director of
the regional health agency. To continue to bend the contaminations curve, Pierre Ricordeau wants to rely on the screening campaign to test, trace and isolate positive cases.

“Today the positivity rate for PCR tests is down, it is 13% in Occitania while at the end of the first confinement it was less than 1%. In some departments like Lozère or Hautes-Pyrénées it is 19%, in others like Ariège it is less than 10% ”, explains this official who explains that Occitanie has gone from 30,000 tests per week in June to 180,000 per week in November. In total, 1.6 million of these tests have been carried out since the end of August.

Priority to nursing homes, emergencies, etc.

They will be supplemented in the coming days by new antigenic tests which will strengthen screening capacities. In total, more than 800,000 of these tests, the answer to which is available in 15 to 30 minutes, will be made available by the Regional Health Agency to nursing homes, health professionals or emergency services.

“They are mainly intended for mass and targeted operations. Doctors, pharmacists and nurses can only collect one or two boxes of tests per day, ”explains Pascal Durand, responsible for coordinating the tests. In Toulouse, the Toulouse town hall thus received nine requests from pharmacies to install antigen screening drives in public spaces.

In total, 307,000 tests will be made available to nursing homes and medico-social establishments and services, 207,000 for emergency services, 100,000 for National Education, 19,800 for firefighters and 17,200 for maternity hospitals. An operation is also deployed with the Red Cross and the region to conduct a screening campaign aimed at people far from care and more than 5,000 will take place in ports and airports.

Four days of symptoms max

There will therefore be no question of going to be tested in pharmacies before going on vacation or going to the New Year’s Eve meal.

“You have to do it a maximum of four days after the first symptoms and it will be the doctor or pharmacist who will decide whether to do it. For asymptomatic or contact cases or cases in a cluster, only a PCR test must be carried out, likewise people over 65 years of age must confirm their antigen test by a PCR test ”, specifies Benoît Ricaut-Larose of the Agency. regional health.

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