Whoever gets infected first gets money: bizarre corona parties in Alabama society

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Before the Corona crisis broke out, it was not unusual for young people to have parties. Since then, adolescents have been discredited for not caring about hygiene and distance rules and still celebrating.

They celebrated because they just didn’t want to do without. But now reports US-Sender CNN of parties where young people want to get infected with the corona virus.

Local officials said that the first people to get infected should receive a payout. The parties would be held in Tuscaloosa and those who were infected were urged to attend. “At first we thought it was a kind of rumor. We did some research that was confirmed by doctors’ offices,” City Council member Sonya McKinstry told the television station.

Mainly students are among the organizers. The first person to be diagnosed with the virus by the doctor received the money that was previously collected by the organizers.

The University of Alabama and several other colleges are located in Tuscaloosa. In the past few weeks there have been several such events in the city and in surrounding communities.

“It makes me angry,” says McKinstry. “Angry at the fact that something that is so serious and deadly is taken for granted. Not only is it irresponsible, but you could also become infected with the virus and take it home to your parents or grandparents.” The city is working to dissolve such parties.

Tuscaloosa City Council members unanimously approved a mask requirement during a session on Tuesday, which will take effect on Monday.


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