Who’s who in Ana García Obregón’s family?

In addition to the fortune amassed as an actress and television presenter, Ana García Obregón belongs to a wealthy family. The Obregons are a pineapple and tremendously familiar. Now, the biologist’s brothers and parents turn to her to be by her side and support her in the hard trance she is experiencing after the death of her only son, Álex Lequio.

Both his parents: Ana María Obregón Navarro and Antonio García Fernández, and his four brothers: Celia, Amalia, Javier and Juan Antonio, have always been together. Many have been the summers that the whole family has gathered in the wonderful house of the Obregón, located
on the beautiful coast of the Pines of Mallorca. In this residence, both grandparents and grandchildren are in a true paradise.

Like her son Álex, Ana Obregón is a very familiar woman who has a close relationship with her brothers and nephews, whom she is taking refuge these days. In fact, his two sisters, Celia and Amalia, also moved to Barcelona in recent weeks to wrap their nephew in what would be his last days of life after two years of fighting his disease. .

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