why Alain Delon had banned Thomas Langmann from access on the set of his own film, Asterix at the Olympic Games

In a series of articles devoted to French comedies, BFMTV comes back on the set ofAsterix at the Olympic Games, released in 2008. The opportunity to discover that a huge argument broke out between Alain Delon and director Thomas Langmann.

In 2008, Asterix at the Olympic Games was released in theaters to the delight of fans of the little Gaul. However, the shooting of this feature film was a real fiasco, as the story goes BFMTV in the first issue of a series of articles entitled “Behind the scenes of French comedies“. And Benoît Poelvoordeweighed down the film a lot“, according to the words of Thomas langmann, Gérard Depardieu, his, would simply have been “intolerable. “He sent his understudy when the camera was far away. He didn’t want to put on makeup before putting on his costume“Says a technician. Worse still, the interpreter of Obelix did not know his text, forcing the film crew to write his lines “on panels placed behind its partners, explain our colleagues.

Alain Delon furious with Thomas Langmann

On the set, Thomas Langmann drew the wrath ofAlain Delon. And for good reason, the director, at war with his half-brother Darius, would have shown footage from the film without warning the interpreter of Julius Caesar, during a TF1 convention. “Except he had written to me in his contract that I could not broadcast any promo without him validating it! So I got a phone call from Delon saying, ‘I’m going to kill you!’ At first, I gave him a little answer. What not to do!“, reveals Thomas Langmann. Furious, Alain Delon demanded that access to the set be forbidden to the director and producer for three days,”time to shoot his last sequences“, reports BFMTV.”When you have movie monsters meeting each other, there is something animal going on … There are moments like this that are quite remarkable“, says production designer Aline Bonetto.

Thomas Langmann crushed by his collaborators

Other tensions erupted between Thomas Langmann and the co-director Frédéric Forestier. “They were at a level of animosity against each other that I have rarely seen“, confides Christian Guillon, the visual effects director of the film.”The real director of the film is Frédéric Forestier! He held the film at arm’s length. […] Thomas Langmann only thought of having fun. He was only there when there were making-of cameras. He often arrived asleep, absent, without energy. He discovered a scene that had been for a good part already shot, he told us that this was not the way to do it, and we had to start all over again.“, testifies another collaborator.Asterix at the Olympic Games does not leave good memories to those who participated.

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