“Why American Employees Refuse to Take Sick Leave: Understanding the Fears and Consequences”

2023-05-24 11:49:00

An American survey indicated that one in four employees refuses to be absent from work in case of illness, even in the presence of doctor’s recommendations.

And regardless of the symptoms, such as body aches or a strong cough and a fever, some American employees wait an average of two days after the symptoms pass to admit that they have the disease.

Experts confirmed that the reasons for this are due to several fears among employees, including fear of deductions that may affect the monthly salary, or backlog of work, in addition to their feelings of guilt when their direct manager is unhappy at work.

Others believe that the work atmosphere may help them get rid of a feeling of fatigue, and it is the most appropriate compared to the possibilities of being bored from being at home.

The results of the survey also showed that the average person usually gets sick twice a year, although 37% tend to ignore symptoms of illness at least once in those times.

As for healthy colleagues, they considered what sick employees do at work in the office as a lack of a sense of responsibility, with the potential for infection to be transmitted to healthy people.

Meanwhile, doctors say that taking care of health is an important and top priority, even if it comes at the expense of work.

Human development and leadership development expert, Muhammad Thaer Abdel Halim:

Sometimes, a person refuses to be treated as a patient because he does not acknowledge the reality, so he does not listen to the advice given by doctors. In many cases, some patients, for example, do not stop smoking despite the great danger of the matter to their health.

A person hates being in a position of weakness, while he aspires to be in a fitness that allows him to perform various functions, and this is a psychological aspect.

Sometimes, it can be dangerous for an employee to go to work when he is sick, especially when he has an infectious disease.

In some professions, there is a great sense of the weight of responsibility, such as security and medicine, so the employee or doctor believes, for example, that if he does not go to work, several things may be disrupted, and many may be affected by the absence, and then the choice is patience and work.

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