Why didn’t Tuca make changes against Toluca? Ferretti explains

Tigers lost to Toluca this Tuesday for Day 9 of Guard1anes 2021, in a duel where the team showed no variants to try to open the scarlet defense and no changes came from the bench to try to change the situation, issues explained by the coach Ricardo Ferretti.

In the understanding of Mustache, input elements like Leo Fernandez The Rayamundo Fulgencio would have unbalanced the operation of the equipment, who opted for the centers to try to generate danger in the arc of Alfredo Saldivar, a proposal that was not effective.

“The reason is simple, a change is made for certain things, maybe a player who is not doing what he knows how to do properly; two, maybe there is an injury, but If the eleven that you put in are doing things well, I don’t see why I have to make a change, Besides, you have to see what changes you could make, more offensive.

“The only change I could make might be to put one later and this often decomposes the situation. We had 6 players on offense, and all 6 have offensive characteristics, Owners, Not here, Luis, André, Carlos Y Tooth, I don’t think putting a more offensive one would solve the situation for me, with 7 who is going to defend me? I understand that suddenly they would like this and that but definitely playing with 7 forwards is crazy, “he said.

Regarding the lack of variants and the 36 centers that they carried out in 90 minutes, which could only connect eight, the Mustache said they had to open up to the defense of the Devils, who played with all his men on his side of the field.

“If you see him play from minute 20-25, Toluca he plays further behind his half court with 11, it is not so easy to find spaces and even so they were generated, it is sought from the outside because it is closed in the middle, to be able to enter you have to open, so if we look for the centers and this, we had certain approaches and two chances to score up to three but when the goals do not fall it is possible the thought of not looking for other variants and it’s not that simple when a team has 10 defensive players in less than three quarters, ”he added.


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