Why do we read our horoscope?

PSYCHOLOGY – Astral predictions continue to flourish and to delight the French. But do we really believe in it? Or do we only read what suits us, when it suits us?

New Year, economic or health crisis, birthday, change of life … so many key moments, collective or personal, where horoscopes seem to occupy a certain place in our readings. And the French are addicted: according to a YouGov study carried out for femina.fr in August 2020, 28% of French people believe in astrology. And in an Ifop survey for Current wife carried out in November 2020, 41% of those questioned said they believed in the explanation of characters by astrological signs.

“These figures have been stable for several decades”, comments Serge Bret-Morel, philosopher of sciences, ex-astrologer and French-speaking reference for the critical analysis of astrology. Despite the obsolete side of horoscopes, their public is changing and it would seem according to these two surveys that the proportion of men is growing among “believers”, even if women remain in the majority. “It is a socially distributed belief”, however analyzes Guillaume Cordonier, doctor of science

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