Why do we sometimes collapse after overcoming a difficult ordeal?

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OUR PSYCHO ADVICE – After struggling with an illness or experiencing a painful breakup, it is not uncommon to sink even when the worst seems to have passed. But this is not inevitable.

We are more likely to develop mental health problems after a difficult ordeal.
We are more likely to develop mental health problems after a difficult ordeal. 289881192 / fizkes – stock.adobe.com

Everyone knows the saying: “After rain the good weather.” This saying does not seem to apply to our “Psychic weather”. It is often quite the opposite. It is not uncommon to find that after a difficult life event, some people collapse even though they have held out when the storm was raging and the hardest thing finally seems to have passed.

According to Stéphanie Bertholon, a psychologist in Lyon and co-founder of the stress and anxiety treatment center, this phenomenon could be explained by the three main stages of the stress mechanism: alert, resistance and exhaustion. “Stress is a perfectly adapted reaction of the organism to real threats or situations that we interpret as such”, begins by calling the psychologist. “First there is the alert phase which will put the person on alert. It is the sympathetic nervous system which will allow the whole body to mobilize all the energy to face this

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