Why does Abu Badr Muhammad Khair Al-Jarrah refuse to return to the Bab Al-Hara series?

2023-04-17 14:21:41

The audience of the famous series “Bab Al-Hara” cannot forget the character “Abu Badr”, which was presented by Muhammad Khair Al-Jarrah over the course of 9 parts.

And Muhammad Khair Al-Jarrah revealed the reason for his departure from the last parts of the work, and he said in an interview with et Arabic: “The truth is that I did not leave it to Bab Al-Hara, they are the ones who left us.”

Al-Dabaa neighborhood was subjected to heavy bombardment by the French in the tenth part, as a result of which many victims fell, including prominent heroes at work.

Among the names killed by the dramatic French bombardment were Abbas al-Nuri (Abu Issam), Ali Karim (Abu al-Nar), Sabah al-Jazaery (Umm Issam), Wafaa al-Mawsili (Faryal), Muhammad Khair al-Jarrah (Abu Badr).

Commenting on this, Muhammad Khair al-Jarrah said: The neighborhood was destroyed, and there is no room for many personalities to exist, and I do not know if Abu Badr died, lived, or emigrated.

He added, “I did not give up the character, the series made no compromises, and it was shown to me. Go back to Part 13, and I saw the writer and read the text, and made suggestions that included Fawzia’s return.”

And about the possibility that we will see “Abu Badr” in Part 14 if the work continues, the Syrian actor said: “I don’t think the truth is. It seems that we have left without going back.” (etc)

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