Why does muscle mass not increase despite exercising?

According to the specialized portal your health, To gain muscle mass, it is essential to have frequent exercise routines guided by an expert on the subject, which, together with an eating plan, will achieve an increase in muscle mass.

He also points out the importance of letting the muscle rest so that it grows, because while the exercise is being carried out, “the muscle fibers are injured”, so they must be recovered for an increase in muscle mass to occur.

Why doesn’t muscle mass increase?

It is essential to exercise continuously, if it is not done, the goal of gaining muscle mass will not be met. On the other hand, if you don’t eat foods rich in protein, you won’t reach your goal either.

To strengthen the muscles weight training is recommended. – Foto: Getty Images

Another reason why muscle mass is not increased is that you do not train slowly, because “during the muscle contraction phase” the fibers of the muscle are injured and it is important that this happens.

In addition, one of the fundamental recommendations made by the health portal is to continue sports routines after the goal has been achieved, because definition and muscle mass itself can be lost, which, as indicated, is observed loss of mass 15 days after not having trained.

It is key not to stop the exercise routine, even when you feel pain, says the portal. However, it should be noted that if it is an affected joint, it is advisable to stop or reduce the exercise to avoid injury and go to an expert.

The advice it reveals your health to gain muscle mass are:

How to strengthen a muscle?

The Mayo Clinic suggests that both in the gym and at home you can perform exercise routines for muscle strengthening. Among the tips he provides is bodyweight, where “various exercises can be done with little or no equipment. Try push-ups, push-ups, planks, lunges and squats”, the entity details on its website.

Is it effective to train with weights?

The Mayo Clinic notes that weight training is a method of strength that is used to “build endurance.” In addition, he explains that “aerobic conditioning strengthens the heart, weight training puts pressure on the muscles, which makes them adapt and become more resistant.”

Man in the gym doing exercises to strengthen the biceps
Man in the gym doing exercises to strengthen the biceps. – Foto: Getty Images

It should be noted that this type of training can be carried out with free weights or bars including dumbbells. However, there are weight machines. It also indicates that it is not necessary to spend a long time in this training zone, since short routines may be more practical than long ones.

Likewise, it details that this practice contributes to the health of the body, so it is important to learn a correct routine guided by a trainer.

Another relevant fact pointed out by the Mayo Clinic it is the proper use of weight, because it can “tire the muscles after 12 to 15 repetitions. You will barely be able to finish the last repetition.”

On the other hand, and as already mentioned, warming up is essential and effective when doing sports, because muscles that are cold are more vulnerable to injury.

Rest is also one of the main tips for muscle strengthening, as it is crucial that they recover. This is why he recommends resting “a full day between each specific muscle group. You can choose to work on the main muscle groups in one session, two or three times a week.

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