Sport Why does Rodolfo Pizarro celebrate goals as Joker?

Why does Rodolfo Pizarro celebrate goals as Joker?


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Mexico City / 04/07/2020 22:33:34

Joker It was a cinematographic phenomenon in 2019 that earned Joaquin Phoenix the Oscar for Best Actor, but his influence went beyond the screens and reached soccer, where Rodolfo Pizarro appropriated the fake smile celebration for every goal made since his days with Scratched and now in the Inter Miami of the MLS.

After months of celebrating in this way, the member of the Mexican National Team finally explained when he adopted it and why it was due.

“You have to sell, that’s how this business is. I saw the movie, I liked it and sometimes it happens to people that they are not so happy. I liked the movie because sometimes they may think you’re angry and actually happy or the other way around, ”he commented in an interview with Fernando Cevallos in the United States.

Pizarro does not lose hope of playing in Europe

The illusion of Rodolfo Pizarro for playing in Europe It is not lost yet, the player knows that his path there has been different from that of some of his teammates.

“The dream will always be, I work to be there one day. Sometimes God’s ways are prefects, he knows why he does things and I am happy with the destiny that has touched me, the teams that I have gone to, ”he said.

It is always difficult for a Mexican player to go because of the high prices that there is and it is difficult to go out for those amounts, many times the European team prefers to spend that money on an Argentine with a bigger cartel and not take risks. ”

The Inter Miami footballer said he understands the managers of Mexican soccer who seek to recover their investments by putting a high price when selling to the players.

“I also put myself in the role of the owners that they are not going to lose their investment, this is a business and it’s hard not to make money just for me to fulfill my dream, it is somewhat complicated ”.



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