Why Final Fantasy XVI’s Moogle Nearly Didn’t Make the Cut: Insights from Producer Naoki Yoshida

2023-06-02 12:42:20

In an interview with the Square Enix blog, Final Fantay XVI producer Naoki Yoshida toldwhich, surprisingly for the authors themselves, was almost the main difficulty during the development of the game, the Muggles turned out to be.

Moogles are one of the mascots of the Final Fantasy franchise, but they might not be in the upcoming action RPG for two reasons.

The developers were worried that they would be too difficult to add to the game and would not fit into the more realistic style of Final Fantasy XVI. However, our assistant producer said, “I don’t know, just add them to the game!” In the end, we decided to add one moogle, but it turned out to be more difficult than we thought.

Naoki Yoshidaproducer

On a technical level, the problem is hiding in performance mode. As art director Hiroshi Minagawa explained, at first he changed the moogle beyond recognition.

The performance mode changes the display of polygons, and this moogle has become a separate problem, because … he has less fur. And he looked like a hedgehog. We looked at him and thought: “Is this even a moogle?”

Hiroshi Minagawaartistic director

The developers solved the problem by paying special attention to the moogle model in performance mode.

Final Fantasy XVI releases at the end of June on PS5. After that, the developers plan to do a PC version.

Naoki Yoshida: “We plan to work hard on the PC version of Final Fantasy XVI after the release on PS5»

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Previously, the producer has already said that the team is not opposed to porting the game.

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