why he hasn’t written the second Kaamelott movie yet

BIOGRAPHY OF ALEXANDRE ASTIER. Creator of Kaamelott series and film, Alexandre Astier confided that he preferred to wait before writing the second part of Kaamelott, even if he “wants” to start.

[Mis à jour le 20 juillet 2021 à 9h31] Alexandre Astier is almost as impatient as the Kaamelott fans. The first film, “Kaamelott, first part”, is released in cinemas this Wednesday, July 21, 2021. After two postponements due to the health crisis, this time it’s the right one. And if fans are waiting to find out what awaits Arthur, Perceval, Merlin or Karadoc in these new adventures, Alexandre Astier is waiting to find out if success is there. The reason ? He will then be able to develop his cinematographic saga, and write the second part.

Alexandre Astier thus confirmed in the morning of France Inter on July 19, 2021 that he is’ surprised by the desire to write the second now. redo or immediately jump into the trick. And yet yes! “However, this prolific and multi-helmet creator prefers to wait before imagining the next adventures of King Arthur:” This one would already have to work anyway because it would be weird to make a number 2, if that one doesn’t work. I want to write the second but if I am told that nobody wants it, I will not write it! “

Alexandre Astier is a French actor, director, screenwriter, producer, author, composer and musician. Born June 16, 1974 in Lyon, he is best known as the creator of the comic series Kaamelott, in which he also plays the main role of King Arthur. Alexandre Astier is also recognized for his shows, such as L’Exoconference, which popularizes astrophysics, but also for making animated films adapting the Asterix comics.

Alexandre Astier is a precocious artist. From the age of ten, he composed his first melodies. He joined the Conservatoire Supérieur de Musique where he trained in classical music. He then studied abroad at the American School of Modern Music. He is also drawn to the experience of the stage. Naturally creative, he does not just act but writes the comic plays Fictional hen and The wheat journal. In 2001, he devoted himself to writing and directing short films Let’s be sport and A suspicion based on something fat.

In 2002, he revisited the Arthurian legend in a 14-minute production Day of wrath. Awarded by the public at the Off-Courts festival in 2003, this adventure is at the origin of the series Kaamelot. Alexandre Astier is the creator of this comic series, broadcast on M6 from 2005. While playing the role of King Arthur, he acts as composer, director and screenwriter. He also surrounds himself with his friends and family to play the lead roles. The Kaamelott series ended in 2009, with the broadcast of season 6.

Nevertheless, Alexandre Astier keeps in mind to continue the universe and the plot in other formats: he evokes a compilation of short stories, Kaamelott Resistance, which returns to the way in which the resistance in opposition to the tyranny of Lancelot over the kingdom of Logres is formed. From the beginning of the 2010s, he evoked a film saga project. The first film, Kaamelott: first part, is released in theaters on July 21, 2021.

In the 2010s, Alexandre Astier made people talk about him for projects other than Kaamelott: he signed the screenplay and co-directed two animated films featuring the characters from the famous Asterix comics: Asterix the domain of the gods (2014) then Asterix the Secret of the Magic Potion (2018). This last film, which does not adapt one of the comics of Renée Goscinny and Albert Uderzo, is nominated for the César for best animated film in 2019.

Apart from the Kaamelott and the Asterix, Alexandre Astier has a very diverse career. In 2006, he made his first film at the cinema How beautiful you are, then we can see it in the comedy Lol in 2009. He also starred in Home Sweet Home or Coluche: the story of a guy, Pop Redemption or David and Madame Hansen. It is also credited in the credits ofAsterix and Obelix at the Olympic Games.

Alexandre Astier was in a relationship with Anne-Gaëlle Daval, a costume designer who worked on Dies irae then Kaamelott. We can also see her in Book VI (season 6), in the role of the Lady of Fire. Together, the couple will have four children: Ariane Astier (Mehben in Kaamelott), Jeanne Astier (Mehgan in Kaamelott), Neil Astier (Arthur child in Kaamelott) and Ethan Astier (Arthur’s descent dream in book V). After his break with Anne-Gaëlle Daval, Alexandre Astier found love in the arms of a certain Luna Karys, who remains very discreet publicly. The couple had two children: a grandson, Aaron (2017) and a second son, Isaac (2020).

For Alexandre Astier, Kaamelott is also a family adventure. We can see the relatives of the actor in the series. Alexandre Astier is the son of actors Lionnel Astier and Joëlle Sevilla, who play respectively Leodagan and Dame Seli in Kaamelott. Alexandre Astier also has a half-brother, Simon Astier, who plays Yvain in the series. Simon Astier’s mother, Josée Drevon, for her part interprets Ygerne.

The children of Alexandre Astier also play in Kaamelott. Ariane Astier and Jeanne Astier play the two daughters of Karadoc, Mehben and Mehgan, while his two eldest sons, Neil Astier and Ethan Astier, one play the child version of Arthur, the other the king’s dream of descent.

Alexandre Astier has a half-brother, born from a second union of his father Lionnel Astier with the actress Josée Drevon. This is the actor Simon Astier. Kaamelott fans will have recognized him in the role of Yvain, Guinevere’s brother. He also starred in the Hero Corp series.

Alexandre Astier has not only done cinema or television, we have also seen him on stage, both as an actor, but also as an author and sometimes a director or musician. . He played in the play Octopus Fiction in 1997, before playing a role in We cry for grace in 1999. He was also seen on stage in The Strange Assistant of Doctor Lannion (2000), Timon d’Athènes (2001) , Le jour du wheat (2002). In 2012, the show That my joy remains! , which stages the life of the musician Jean-Sébastien Bach, allows him to combine his taste for the stage with that of music. In 2014, his popular astrophysics show, L’Exoconference, was a real critical success.

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