Why is music essential for the brain and its proper development?

Published on : 17/11/2020 – 12:17Modified : 17/11/2020 – 18:50

Why is music essential for the brain and its proper development? How does sound carry us, even before we are born and throughout our existence? How does music play the game of our neurons?

Let’s open our ears wide today, listening to a founding element of our humanity, essential to our development and our evolution: music! Why and much more than a hobby that makes us feel good, music is essential for our brain and the proper functioning of our neurons? How, from the mother’s womb, are we carried by sound? Why throughout our existence and until the end, music plays the game of our neurons going so far as to repair us, give us back the humanity taken away by disease and degeneration?

With Emmanuel Bigand, professor of cognitive psychology, member of the Institut universitaire de France attached to Dijon to the CNRS Laboratory for Learning and Development. He specializes in the study of cognitive processes involved in the perception of music.
And Barbara Tillman, research director at the CNRS at the Neuroscience Research Center in Lyon. His work has helped to reveal the beneficial role of music in the treatment of certain cognitive disorders. She is the CNRS 2016 silver medalist.

→ Their work The Neuronal Symphony is a couple at Humensciences.


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