Why is the best time to buy a property?

For specialists, today the apartments and houses that are in price do not directly reach the portals, where the value can be higher

By Marysol Anton

14/08/2022 – 08,06hs

The real estate market has always been shown as a store of value, and also as a tool to dollarize. And today the representatives of the sector assure that it is the optimal moment to buy, because las properties They are in their historic flat. What’s more, they say that what is seen on the trading portals does not reflect what is really happening.

Thus, the architect and broker Oscar Puebla points out that “the properties that are seen in the portals are out of value, above. Those that are sold are not published, because in this context it is not necessary to spend money to put up an ad and show them.”

And he finishes clarifying the situation: “In the ads, used apartments are more expensive than brand new units“.

In addition, he is categorical in describing what is happening today: “There is a submarket of priced properties that real estate market agents offer directly to real buyers”.

savings and dollars

Real estate agents know that those who have dollars saved they want to protect them, and properties are one of the best current options, since they have higher yields even than bonds.

“The ideal today to face the purchase or sale of a property is to hire a real estate personal shopper to be in charge of solving all this mess,” adds Puebla.

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In the absence of mortgage credit, property prices fall and people seek to dollarize

For his part, the head of TBSA Toro Brokers SA, Sebastián Cantero, says that “today’s vedette is the 3 environmentsespecially for sale”.

“The investor profile is one who could buy a studio apartment or a 2-room apartment and today, due to the drop in prices, you can access a more comfortable unit“, argues the businessman.

Dollarize with properties at low prices

The specialists emphasize that today good opportunities are achieved, even in Buenos Aires territory. Cantero assures that “top-of-the-range units of between US$140,000 and US$160,000“.

“We have long waiting lines for apartments with three rooms. The market for studio apartments and 2 rooms has sold out; It is a product that worked before the pandemic, and now it no longer does,” Cantero expands.

Regarding the booming areasmentions: “Devoto, Villa Urquiza and Almagro. Without forgetting the historical Belgrano and Palermo”, but clarifies that these departments “have higher prices”.

For all this, Cantero advises investing in departments to recycle: “There are PH at super competitive prices. For example, a property of 250 square meters is around $200,000. Less than US$1,000 per m2 is something that hasn’t been seen for a long time.”

Who has dollars seeks to protect value in the brick

When the credit comes back, the brick will go back uptherefore it is a good time to buy,” advises Cantero.

Property Prices: Will They Keep Going Down?

“In this scenario, real estate agencies in general agree that the time to sell is nowbecause despite the fact that our property fell in price, the one we aspire to also did so,” explains Miguel Di Maggio, director of the real estate firm Depa.

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In the arduous process of making the seller understand that “he must lower the price of his property, the client’s position often arises of standing on the fixed value and not moving it a penny more,” adds Di Maggio.

And he adds: “What usually happens in that case if the real estate agency continues to serve the client in that position is unfailing: there are no queries because it is not a value that the market is willing to pay. And that is when the seller interprets that the property is not being managed well and you make the mistake of publishing it independently. That’s where the dangerous practice of the owner selling, or the owner renting, begins.

Not only Argentines dollarize

The current benefits of the current real estate market are being taken advantage of by people who until now lived in neighboring countries. “They come, rent luxury apartments, pay in dollars and live in pesos,” says Puebla.

What’s happening? “Digital nomads come to work and live here. And the real estate market today has very low prices in dollars for them“, keep on.

“There are brand new one-room apartments in Abasto for US$33,000, ideal for the tourist market. It is a real trend and one that is clearly growing,” concludes Puebla.

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