Why is the mummy of a 4000-year-old princess of Xinjiang still amazingly beautiful?

Xiaohe Cemetery in the Taklamakan Desert in Northwest China is a world famous archaeological site. Archaeologists have made important discoveries here. Among these, the standout is 4,000-year-old mummy of a beautiful woman.The mummy of a 4,000-year-old beauty The above is also known by experts as “princess” Xiaohe. Scientists pay much attention to this body because of its unexpected secret.Specifically, through a series of tests and analysis of mummies, experts were surprised to discover that “princess” Xiaohe had smooth skin, a high nose, long and brown hair, and long and curled eyelashes. .Further, mummy “princess” Xiaohe has a charming smile. Although she passed away 4,000 years ago, this beauty makes viewers excited when she seems to have passed away in peace. So the beautiful smile on the face.Based on the facial features of “princess” Xiaohe, experts found that this beauty had many differences compared to Asian people living at the same time.The appearance of “princess” Xiaohe makes experts think that she has European-like features.From here, they speculated that this beauty might have moved from somewhere in Europe to the Taklamakan desert and died here.To solve this mystery, experts conducted a DNA test and discovered that “princess” Xiaohe possesses a genetic hybrid between Eastern and Western people.Thanks to that, “princess” Xiaohe has a more special beauty than the local people.In addition, thanks to being buried in a coffin made from the trunk of a poplar tree, plus the hot dry weather of the desert, the 4,000-year-old beauty’s body remains intact over time. Invite readers to watch the video: Egypt discovered more ancient treasures with more than 100 coffins containing 2,500-year-old mummies. Source: VTV24.

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