Why is the new coronavirus still infected after the injection?Expert: Vaccines are not perfect but still effective | Blog post

On July 20, a number of staff at Nanjing Lukou Airport tested positive for the new crown. A new round of local epidemic broke out in Nanjing. The chain of transmission has involved 4 provinces and 5 cities, and 41 people have been infected.

According to Yang Yi, an expert in the treatment of new coronary pneumonia and director of the Department of Critical Care Medicine of Zhongda Hospital affiliated to Southeast University, most of the confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Nanjing have been vaccinated, and only one case of young people under the age of 18 did not receive the vaccine.

However, Yang Yi also pointed out that at present, the condition of the confirmed cases is generally stable, with mild and common types as the main ones. There are currently no severe cases. According to observations in Guangdong and Ruili epidemics, the vaccinated cases have relatively mild symptoms overall, and the probability of turning into a severe case is significantly lower, and the course of the disease is relatively short. Therefore, vaccination still has a protective effect. We call on everyone to do a good job of scientific protection at ordinary times. If you get a vaccine, you must insist on wearing a mask scientifically.

The situation in Nanjing is not alone. As billions of people around the world have been vaccinated against the new crown, reports have shown that cases of re-infection after vaccination have become more common.

According to US media reports, in the past week, at least three members of the New York Yankees, one candidate for Olympic gymnastics, several Texas state legislators, one White House official, and staff in the office of Speaker of the House of Representatives Pelosi have been arrested. Detected positive for the new coronavirus. They all have one thing in common-everyone has been vaccinated against the new crown.


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