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Why is the Universe beautiful? Is this a trick of the light? Meeting with astrophysicist David Elbaz, in charge of the instruments on board the long-awaited James Web telescope.

Let us wonder about the beauty of the Universe, at all the scales observed and observable by our so powerful space telescopes … Why is the Universe so beautiful? A question that fascinates astronomers, astrophysicists and poets, but also all humans that we are, dazzled by the Milky Way, the billions of billions of stars of planets and galaxies that unfold endlessly … What if the answer to this sidereal question was to be found in the light?

With the astrophysicist David Elbaz, for his new book The most beautiful trick of light published by Odile Jacob. David Elbaz shares with us his research and his dazzling ideas on order, disorder, and the luminous beauty of the cosmos (which will be revealed further in time and in space with the launch, on December 22, 2021 of the famous James webb telescope, successor to Hubble, with on board the Mirim imaging instrument piloted by David Elbaz and the entire team of the CEA’s Astrophysics Instrumentation Modeling Laboratory).


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