Why NASA shoots lasers at trees from the International Space Station

  • Alexandra Martins
  • BBC News World

2 hours

image source, NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center


GEDI fires pulses of energy toward the Earth’s surface 242 times per second.

At this very moment a shower of laser pulses is arriving at Earth from the International Space Station.

And his goal is to reveal even the most intimate secrets of the planet’s forests.

The GEDI mission, jointly developed by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and the University of Maryland, enables obtain unprecedented 3D maps of forest areas even in the most remote places.

“It is a satellite the size of a refrigerator, weighs about 500 kilos and is attached or connected to one of the modules of the International Space Station,” Spanish scientist Adrián Pascual, a member of the GEDI scientific team, an expert, explained to BBC Mundo. in mapping and management of forest ecosystems and professor at the University of Maryland.

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