Why Patrick Bruel will never be part of the jury of The Voice

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The production of the show has been trying to convince the singer for years.

This Saturday, November 28, Patrick Bruel participated in the program of Eric Dussart and Jade on French radio RTL. For the occasion, he confided that each year TF1 tries to persuade him to join the jury of “The Voice”. If he admitted that he would love to guide artists, he nevertheless explained that the show was really not for him. ” I declined because I didn’t want to be in recurrence. I love watching this show ”, he revealed. Indeed, Patrick Bruel is himself an amateur of the show and loves to watch it.

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But beyond this reason, the singer also explained that he has a little trouble with the theatrical reactions of some members of the jury. If he is an actor himself, overplaying in front of television, very little for him. It is true that during the selection phase, coaches sometimes have to try to convince budding talents to join their team. As a result, some sometimes let their emotions burst out, in an “exaggerated” way for Patrick Bruel. ” It’s not the investment that bothers me. It is not so much that the candidate chooses the artist, but may the artist jump for joy as if he had had an Oscar in Hollywood, I find that very weird ”, he concluded confidently.

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