Why Russia wants to ‘spread vaccine collaboration’ abroad.

In the aftermath of the “efficacy of its product” being recognized by the scientific journal The Lancet, Russia seems to be more determined than ever to ‘spread’, not the covid-19 virus, but what it produced as remedy to eradicate the pandemic. The Sputnik V vaccine is recognized with an efficacy rate of 91.6% which was calculated on the basis of data concerning 19,866 volunteers who received the two injections.

Thus, based on the results published in The Lancet and from the last stage of clinical trials of the vaccine, phase 3, which involves nearly 20,000 participants, Sputnik V reduces the risk of contracting a form by 91.6%. symptomatic of Covid-19.

It should therefore be remembered that with the number of cases of contamination observed throughout the world, the growing demand from the population for a vaccine would still remain legitimate and indisputable. Indeed, if Moscow claims to have, even before the contribution given by the journal The Lancet, received pre-orders for more than a billion doses, it is not in a position to satisfy a demand similar to that manifested by the world population.

As Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov argued: “In the very near future, we intend to start production in foreign countries to meet growing demand in more and more countries.” Instead of focusing on exports, Russia intends to strengthen this foreign cooperation in vaccine production to, she said, “meet this pressing need of humanity.”

In reality, AstraZeneca’s vaccine is based on a single chimpanzee adenovirus, Russian Sputnik V on the other hand, uses two different human adenoviruses for each of the two injections. According to its designers, using a different adenovirus for the booster than the first injection could provoke a better immune response. For the moment, affirms the spokesman Dmitri Pestrov, “these countries which asked to be served with the Russian product find a favorable answer on behalf of Russia”.

It should be noted that currently some countries such as Kazakhstan, India, South Korea and Brazil produce Sputnik V, even if they still remain non-users. But not all of them use it yet. This race to develop the vaccine therefore remains launched and open with the wish of Russia, which would be ready to embark on a phase of the development of Sputnik V …


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