why she had to divorce her husband, Patrick Antonelli

AMEL BENT. This year, Amel Bent is back in the jury of The Voice, on TF1. The opportunity for us to take an interest in her life, her children and her (ex) husband, Patrick Antonelli.

[Mis à jour le 06 février à 20h28] “I have a single philosophy”. Who has never sung this song, which marked an entire generation? At 35, Amel Bent is back in the red chair of the coaches of The Voice, whose tenth season begins this Saturday, February 06, 2021, on TF1. It must be said that the singer knows the show well, since after two years at The Voice Kids, she was in the big leagues last year. This year, it is with Vianney, Florent Pagny, Marc Lavoine that she will try to find the most beautiful voice!

The opportunity for us to retrace the life of the singer, her career, but also to take an interest in her children and her husband, Patrick Antonelli. It was on June 15, 2015, that the singer, manager of a driving school in Neuilly-sur-Seine, whom she met the year before. Their wedding takes place in this city, before they leave for Saint-Tropez to spend their honeymoon. Born in February 1977, he manages two establishments. In 2016, he was indicted in a driving license fraud case involving celebrities (such as Ali Baddou, Jérémy Ménez or Samir Nasri), with the help of an employee of the Hauts-de-Seine prefecture. According to the authorities, he would have allowed 258 people to obtain false driving licenses for a sum of money, between 2,000 and 10,000 euros. He will spend four months in prison.

After these disputes with the law, the couple finally had to divorce, reported Public, to be able to file a tax return separate from that of Amel Bent. “The prosecutor demanded a heavy fine against my client, although he was already sentenced last year for tax evasion to pay several hundred thousand euros. An amount that he is not able to reimburse (…) And as you know, he divorced amicably last year. Because it is not for his wife to pay “, declared Patrick Antonelli’s lawyer to the magazine.

Amel Bent Bachir was born on June 21, 1985, in Joué-les-Tours in Indre-et-Loire. His father is Algerian, his mother, Algerian-Moroccan. It is in La Courneuve, in the Parisian suburbs, that the future singer grows up, alongside her parents, her half-sister Mélissa and her half-brother Ilies. His mother transmitted to him the love of the French song, in particular that of Charles Aznavour. It was very early on that she discovered a passion for song. Supported by her high school music teacher, she joined a gospel choir and performed as a teenager at the MJC in her neighborhood. After a bac S, Amel Bent began studying psychology. But it was in 2003 that her fate changed: that year, the young woman was cast for the Nouvelle Star, a very popular M6 tele-hook.

In 2003, therefore, when she was 18, Amel Bent sent her candidacy for La Nouvelle Star, season 2. She was selected and joined the M6 ​​adventure the following year. At the castings, she presents herself against André Manoukian, Dove Attia, Marianne James and Manu Katché with the title “I Surrender”, by Céline Dion, then, in French, “La Bohème” by Charles Aznavour. “You are a very good … karaoke singer,” Dove Attia says at the end of her performance, giving her a “no”. It’s a “yes” for Manu Katché, André Manoukian and Marianne James: Amel Bent joins the show. Her powerful voice earns her the support of the show’s viewers week after week. The young artist will climb to the semi-final. A third place that will have made him known to the public, but also to producers, who offered him a contract as soon as he left the tele-hook. At the end of 2004, on November 30, Amel Bent released her first album, called “Un jour d’été” and carried by the single “My philosophy”.

After the Nouvel Star madness and his signing to the Jive label, from Sony, viewers await Amel Bent and his first album at the turn. In addition to the undeniable success of the title “My philosophy” which we will talk about a little below, the other singles “The right to error” and the almost equally famous “Do not hold back your tears” are also hits: the album More than 650,000 copies of “Un jour d’été” have passed in just a few weeks, obtaining platinum disc certification. And above all, this first album allows Amel Bent to be nominated for the Victoires de la musique in 2006, in the category Public Artist of the Year. A prize that she won, after having interpreted her hit, “My philosophy”, on the stage of the Zénith in Paris.

The song marked an entire generation: “My Philosophy”, single from Amel Bent’s debut album, “A Summer Day”, released in 2004. The track was an incredible commercial and popular success: for six consecutive weeks it squat first in the charts in France, then in the Top 10 for twelve weeks. In 2005, “My Philosophy” was the third best-selling single of the year, selling over 750,000 copies in France alone. Like the album, the song was nominated for the Victoires de la Musique in 2006, in the Original Song of the Year category. Written by Amel Bent and rapper Diam’s, “My philosophy” is about a young woman, “mixed race but not a martyr”, “girl from a working-class neighborhood”, who believes in her dreams and fights to move forward, and “to aim the moon “,” still with a raised fist “.

After this huge success, Amel Bent will release five other albums between 2007 with “At 20” and 2019 with the opus “Demain”. But music is not the only passion of the artist, who launches himself at the same time in the cinema and in the dubbing of cartoons, like “Tinker Bell and the Secret of the fairies” or “Yeti & Company”. Amel Bent is also on TV shows: from the New Star she went through Dancing with the Stars, The Voice Kids and now, The Voice.

With her husband Patrick Antonelli, Amel Bent had two daughters. On September 30, 2015, it was on social networks that she received the news of her first pregnancy: on February 4, 2016, she gave birth to a first child, named Sofia. “I love my moments in the studio, but I hurry to find my daughter and my husband. I know that singing is my passion, but it is also my job. And this work cannot eat my whole life. I am a woman, a wife, a mother. Terribly happy. And I long to find my audience, you have no idea “, she confided at the time to Télé 7 jours. On October 17, 2017, she gave birth to a second baby girl, called Hana.

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