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Why Silicon Valley is turning to diabetes medication

While in the past the aesthetic side effects of old age were the main focus, with botox, hyaluron and juice cures, the who-is-who of Silicon Valley are now setting themselves more ambitious goals: like Oscar Wilde’s famous fictional character Dorian Gray, they want aging itself outsmart. Peter Thiel, perhaps the most famous tech investor in the Valley and himself financier of several longevity start-ups, writes in Cato magazine that he is “[ganz einfach] against the inevitability of death ”. How far Thiel et al. are willing to go to escape the inevitable clutches of death a little longer, parodied the HBO series “Silicon Valley”: In the episode “Blood Boy” one of the characters, who not by chance is reminiscent of Thiel, has blood transfusions from a young man splash. Thiel himself had shown interest in this possible form of therapy in an interview with Inc.com in 2015. A start-up with the somewhat kitschy name “Ambrosia” actually offered blood transfusions from young “donors” for a good 8,000 dollars per 1.5 liters. The demand seemed to have been limited. Another mix of charlatanism and pseudomedicine, the global market for longevity pharmaceuticals is currently estimated at eight billion dollars a year. But in 2021 we are, it seems, at the beginning of a possible revolution.

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