Why Sobchak hides discord with Bogomolov

And there is no money issue at all.

Ksenia Sobchak and Konstantin Bogomolov. Photo: Global Look Press

Recently it turned out that Xenia Sobchak does not live with her husband Konstantin Bogomolov. In addition, she earns much more than the faithful: he – 13 million a year, and she – 300.

Against the background of these news, as well as the flight of Ksenia Anatolyevna to Israel while her husband was working in Moscow, they pushed the well-known blogger Lena Miro to the idea that the case going to divorce. Sobchak decided to dispel the rumors around her person and posted photo on social media in the arms of her husband with a declaration of love.

And this did not convince Lena Miro at all. She noticed that the socialite took the picture from the archive.

“Such a comment, rather, speaks of an imminent divorce than a happy relationship. If you only have a photo taken two years ago, then there is no relationship with your husband, which means there are none now.

However, this year, as I said, the toastmaster and the director who has not become an academic will not divorce. Kostya’s entire career so far is on the snot, as well as incomes are too small, ”the blogger wrote in her telegram channel.

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