News Why the DuckDuckGo search engine is better than Google

Why the DuckDuckGo search engine is better than Google






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The searcher DuckDuckGo has jumped to the present when being proclaimed as the search engine used by default by the founder of Twitter, Jack dorsey, a search engine that stands out for its commitment to user privacy by not collecting any information about the activity they perform on the web, as with other browsers such as Google.

The Google search engine is one of the most used by Internet users today, in it users perform all kinds of searches, from the simplest, as the name of an actor who does not remember, even the most complicated, how to gather information to carry out research work.

However, the use of this service by users means that their data is registered on the platform to improve services and products, as indicated by the Google security page. Thus, they declare that when searches are conducted on Google, directions are obtained on Maps or a video is viewed on YouTube, the company stores data about user activity.

«The searches you do, the videos you see, the ads you see or click on, your location, the websites you visit, the devices, browsers and applications you use to access Google services» are the data that the company collects, as indicated on its security page – and that the user can manage from My Google Account.

That is why DuckDuckGo was born, an alternative search engine whose maximum is not chasing the user, does not place ads, «we are only a search engine», As they explain on their official website. The search engine has already been on the network for about ten years, and although it does not have the popularity of Google, it does have the support of Jack Dorsey. Dorsey has expressed through his official account on the platform his preference for DuckDuckGo over other search engines. «I love DuckDuckGo. My default search engine for a while now. The 'app' is even better! ”, He said in his post. DuckDuckGo not only has a web version, it can be added As an extension of Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers, it is also available for iOS devices and Android through the App Store and Play Store, respectively.

Bet on privacy

DuckDuckGo is defined by its commitment to protecting the privacy of users when they use their search engine. "We are the leading privacy protection tools provider to help you perfectly regain control of your personal information online," said the founder and CEO of DuckDuckGo, Gabriel Weinberg.

"Searching the web with DuckDuckGo is completely anonymous," he explained in his writing, "we simply do not collect or share any of your personal information that may bind you to your searches." In this way, no records or any type of data profile of each individual are created, which also prevents the user from receiving personalized advertisements.

«We do not save your search history. Therefore we have nothing to sell to advertisers who are chasing you online, ”they describe on their official website. It is common for other search engines such as Google, users receive personalized ads as a result of the platform’s tracking onFor example, the pages you visit through, for example, the "cookies" of the websites.

In addition, from their page they point out that they do not track the information, "neither browsing in incognito mode nor browsing without it". The incognito mode is that offered by browsers so that Internet users can search without their activity being recorded.

Search tools

On the other hand, DuckDuckGo also offers a series of tools within its search engine to make the internet search experience «not only private, but faster and a little more fun», as Weinberg says.

Thus, it has map tools, weather information, answers for local businesses such as restaurant addresses and phone numbers, news, images, videos, a shopping section, definitions, references to Wikipedia, currency conversions, information on flights, calculator, stopwatch, sports results, and question / answer relationship.

In addition, it includes additional tools such as «bangs», which are shortcuts that allow the user to be taken directly to one of the nearly 12,000 web pages offered by DuckDuckGo when performing a search. And it also offers the possibility to filter the results by location or language. It even allows you to change the appearance of the search engine through, for example, applying its dark mode.



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