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Why the SafeVac vaccination app is too slow

It is not only about the reliability of the current monitoring, but also about the chance to motivate people to donate medical data. Because anyone who voluntarily shows so much diligence in research can also expect a prize – for example an update on the knowledge to which his commitment has contributed. But to find out, users of the SafeVac app have so far had to click through the PEI pages themselves. In the security report, which was last published on October 26th, there is a small chapter on the app with a few short sentences at the end.

In 2,632 reports (0.37 percent), “serious reactions” were reported via SafeVac. The most common complaints included temporary pain at the injection site, fatigue, headache, malaise, muscle pain, dizziness, swelling at the injection site, chills, fever, and joint pain.

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