Why the Warriors will get an extra jackpot

With big expenses, the Warriors do not say no to the slightest inflow of money. The franchise has made a request to the league which should be successful, what to potentially recruit in the days to come.

Still on the hunt for the ring next season, the Warriors have spent a lot of money over the past few days. James Wiseman came in second in the draft, and the salary that goes with it, as well as Kelly Oubre Jr. The latter is going to be very expensive for the Dubs, to the point of exploding the bill.

A risk when we know that fans may not be present in theaters for a long time, following the coronavirus. But Golden State isn’t afraid to spend, even as executives are careful about what goes into the tills. And indeed, they should get a little bonus from the league soon.

With Klay Thompson’s injury, package for the season, the Warriors have the right to ask for part of his salary to recruit. According to Shams Charania, and unsurprisingly, the request was made this Saturday:

The Golden State Warriors have called for the Disabled Player Exception worth $ 9.3 million because of Klay Thompson’s season ending.

The Dubs could therefore recover nearly $ 10 million to spend on the market, which seems to be ideal for recruiting the big name in their sights. We still have to wait for the league’s agreement, but there is no reason to refuse. However, and according to Bobby Marks, more bonuses await the franchise following the loss of Klay.

Golden State is expected to recover $ 8.5 million (and possibly more) after Klay’s loss. They will receive $ 275,000 for every game missed after the first 41.

Even though no one can replacing Klay Thompson’s input, the Warriors still have options to consider in the days ahead. The front office intends to welcome a new player with this bonus.

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