why they explode in recent months

GAS PRICE. Household energy budgets are in jeopardy. Gas prices have risen sharply in recent months. The strong economic recovery is causing galloping inflation.

[Mis à jour le 16 septembre 2021 à 15h31] Whether or not you depend on regulated tariffs, expect to see your gas bill increase sharply in the coming months. For several months now, gas prices have been rising sharply: + 8.7% in September, + 5% in August and + 10% in July. “Since January 1st 2019, Engie’s regulated gas sales tariffs increased by 15.8%, and by 16.7% since January 1, 2015, “noted the Energy Regulatory Commission in its latest decision.” For the moment, this does not have too many consequences because people do not use too much gas, except for cooking, but in winter, the bills may be painful “, recently indicated François Carlier, delegate general of the consumer association Consumption Housing Framework of Life (CLCV), with the daily West France.

This increase is attributed to the economic recovery, following the coronavirus crisis. The latter results in ae very strong demand, which makes the gas price jump on world prices. “This unprecedented increase is observed in all European and Asian countries. It is explained by the global economic recovery observed for several months and by the sharp increase in gas prices on the world market due to an exceptional context” , detailed the CRE.

Same story for electricity prices. Regulated tariffs rose 1.6% in February and 0.48% in August for households. On the wholesale markets, prices continue to rise, suggesting a very strong increase in 2022. On the futures market, electricity for delivery in 2022 in France has just broken a record of more than 100 euros per MWh.

Regulated gas tariffs in the process of disappearing

Do you still depend on regulated gas prices? This price increase is not the only reason to look elsewhere! Since the Energy and Climate Law adopted in 2019, regulated tariffs are gradually disappearing. Engie has stopped selling new regulated sales tariff (TRV) contracts since November 2019, which means you will soon be changing contracts. If you have an Engie contract, don’t panic. It remains valid until June 30, 2023.

Be careful, however, since if you have not changed the contract yourself, you will see your contract automatically switch to a market offer from Engie, as of July 1, 2023. If you change supplier, find out more on the website of the national energy mediator, here, which offers an offer comparator to find the formula that matches your consumption needs. In this context of crisis, are you studying the possibility of changing your energy supplier more seriously? Consult our dedicated file without further delay:

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