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Why vaccination could already be done

by archyde

“We should start immunizing immediately”
Image: Science Photo Library / Getty Imag

A vaccine drug against Covid-19 will not be available until 2021, many suspect. According to the founder of Euroimmun, Winfried Stöcker, vaccination could already take place, as he explains in the conversation.

Mr. Stöcker, you have been active in the medical business with China for 25 years and know the country. Do the Chinese have better crisis management than the West with regard to the corona virus?

I doubt whether the Chinese did it well. You cannot trust them in their information quality. They are talking well and want to prove that China can once again be accepted industrially.

The new infections have practically come to a standstill there.

Nobody knows if that’s all true. They cheat about something. I don’t trust the Chinese when it comes to this information.


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