Why will 2021 be the shortest year in decades?

For several years the land It has spun unusually fast, for which reason 2020 included the shortest 28 days since 1960 and 2021 is expected to be the shortest year in decades.

The land On average, it spins once every 86,400 seconds, which is equal to 24 hours.

However these twists are not perfect perfect. Before the year 2020 began, the shortest day since 1973 was July 5, 2005, when the rotation took 1.0516 milliseconds less than 86,400 seconds.

Why is the Earth spinning faster?

This speed of rotation of the planet varies due to the complex movement of its molten core, oceans and atmosphere-

Scientists who monitor the speed of Land they assure that the trend of having shorter days will continue in 2021.

According to his calculations, an average day in 2021 will be 0.05 milliseconds less than 86,400 seconds.

Over the year, a lag of about 19 milliseconds will have accumulated.

To determine the length of a day, scientists from the IRISH They measure the exact speed of the Earth’s rotation by looking at the precise times a fixed star passes a certain location in the sky each day.


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