Why you can eat 3 meals a day instead of 5 and that it is just as healthy and good to lose weight

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That each person is a world is something that we are becoming increasingly clear as the years go by. Not all of us always have the same needs neither the same chores nor the same motivations. As we would say in Spain, pulling the old and wise saying, “each house is a world and each person a people.” And in things of feeding happens exactly the same.

It is true that, as in life itself, there are also nutritionally certain rules and regulations that you have to follow in order to live in harmony. Thus, if we want to eat a healthy diet that takes care of our health and reduces the risk of diseases, it is important to follow certain patterns and recommendations, such as those that mark the Mediterranean diet.

But there are certain components that sometimes and according to the particularities of each one we must take into account. One of them is the number of meals we eat throughout the day. Necessary always eat five meals a dayHow do some recommendations mark?

The important thing

The guidelines of feeding guides advise to do four to five meals a day, in fact we have always heard and thus it has been affirmed that it is better to eat those five meals a day: breakfast, mid-morning aperitif or snack, lunch, snack and dinner.

But nowadays no need to eat those five meals a day rather, “the number of intakes must be determined based on a multitude of individual factors such as hunger, the possibility of ingesting between meals, what we would take in those intakes, etc.” It is not so much about the quantity but about the quality of our meals, the total amount of food we eat throughout the day and how balanced and complete our diet is.

For example, not all of us have the same level of satiety And from lunch to dinner we may not be hungry and we don’t need to have a snack. If we do so, it is important to choose quality products, that is, to “snack” in a healthy way and not eat poor quality foods such as chips or others. snack salty as sometimes we usually do.

Sometimes eating three meals a day instead of five, “far from being bad, it can even be beneficial“, affirms EL ESPAÑOL Maria Pastor, health biologist and nutritionist, member of the Professional College of Dietitians-Nutritionists of the Community of Madrid (CODINMA). “Extending the time between one feed and the next makes the work of the migratory motor complex (that is, what we could call” the sweep of food remains “through the gastrointestinal tract), more efficient” .

Now, as we have said before, each person is a world. “And what for some is great, for others is synonymous with accumulating a voracious hunger throughout the day and ransack the refrigerator and / or pantry when you get home at night “, explains the expert making a particular reflection:” is it better to have a snack just because, and have a cereal bar full of sugars because the advertising has put it into my head like this? Absolutely not. “Or” Can I better cover the nutritional requirements I have, including a fruit and nuts (for example) between meals? Great! then include that shot. “

The really important thing is know each other and know how to listen to our body. Not doing things just because. For this reason, and as Pastor says, it is better “to focus on giving our body quality nutrients and ensuring an adequate and sufficient intake, whether in two, three or five meals. We must learn to be flexible by listening to ourselves. Maybe one day we want to have a snack, and not another. And it will be fine. ”

Proteins and vitamins

The key therefore is that throughout the day, in the different intakes that we make, we reach the necessary nutrients that our body needs to function properly. In the event that we only need to eat three meals a day, because the body asks us to do so, “it is important that they be nutritionally complete“says Pastor.

To achieve this goal, “it is interesting that the three meals are, among other things, source of protein and vitamins“, she maintains. For example, let’s think about fruits and vegetables: how can we cover in three meals the five servings of fruits and vegetables that we need to eat throughout the day? As this expert advises, we can in this case, for example, Have fruit for breakfast, and have a portion of vegetables for lunch and another portion for dinner, and for dessert, both lunch and dinner, have a piece of fruit.

In the case of proteinIf we want to eat three meals a day, it is also advisable include them in the three intakes. Therefore, it would not be necessary to eat those five meals a day as long as we include all the basic foods that we should take following the pattern of a healthy diet, and we meet all our calorie and nutrient needs.


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