Why you can forget this name

Unusual start to a promising career: At the other end of the world, VW is unveiling an SUV that will probably be given a new name in two years. You can find out when it comes to us here.

The VW Group operates 123 production facilities in 31 countries around the world – there are so many cars off the assembly line that have never been seen in Germany. For example, because the taste in Beijing is different than in Berlin. Or because the farmers in Argentina need a different car than the families in Germany.

But one thing goes in every country around the world: SUV. It’s no different in Beijing than in Berlin. Around 30 million off-roaders are sold each year. And a good part of it bears the VW logo.

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According to the will of the group leaders, there will be a few more in the future. That is why they have now unveiled the new level – in Brazil, where it will be launched at the end of the year. And the bosses in Wolfsburg like the compact SUV so much that it should also come to Europe.

European launch next year

From mid-2021, the Nivus should therefore also be manufactured in Pamplona, ​​Spain. Then from the level of the VW T-Sport will. Technically speaking, the 4.27 meter long Nivus is a close relative of the compact T-Cross – just in a sportier design.

Initially, only a one-liter petrol engine with 128 hp is provided as the drive for the SUV. By the time the European launch, the offer should grow to up to 150 hp. There will be no all-wheel drive.

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Dynamic look: the Nivus is closely related to the T-Roc, but gets a sportier hatchback. (Source: manufacturer)

Customers also have to cut corners when it comes to storage space: 415 liters are 40 liters less than that T-Cross offers. They fall victim to the sloping roof line.

It is still unclear how expensive the compact SUV will be if we start at our place. But it shouldn’t just be the technology from T-Cross take over, but also a similar price. Accordingly, it should start at around 20,000 euros.


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