Widespread raid on popular front centers in Kannur; Laptop and mobile phone were seized

Kannur: Widespread raid on popular front centers in the district. At Thana, the raid was conducted on establishments near the popular front office and a private supermarket. A laptop and a mobile phone were seized from here.

The police also went around in teams and conducted inspections in places like Mattannur, Palot Palli, Chakarakall and Natuvanad. Last day, widespread incidents of violence took place in the district in connection with the hartal. It is clear to the police that there is a conspiracy behind this.

It is also being investigated who gave the instructions to use petrol bombs and deadly weapons. The police are also examining the financial sources of the organization in detail. Widespread raids were conducted in Kannur district as part of this.

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33 cases have been registered in Kannur related to hartal violence. The police have informed that more suspects will be arrested in the next few days.

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Meanwhile, more people were arrested in the state during the Popular Front hartal violence. Perumbavoor police have arrested three PFI activists in the case of stopping a KSRTC bus near the Perumbavoor timber market and smashing the glass. Anas from Parappuram Karothukudi Vallam Rayon Puram Vadakkakudi Shias and Shamsudeen from Vallam Rayonpuram Malayakudi were arrested. the

Nallalam police have arrested Arakinar natives Mohammad Hatim and Abdul Jafar in the case of KSRTC bus pelting and vandalized in Nallalam, Kozhikode.

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