Wiener shows how assassin bullet shredded his penal – terror in Vienna

“Bullets hissed past” – ORF presenter Patrick Budgen conducted a touching interview with a victim of the terrorist attack in Vienna on Saturday evening.

A 42-year-old Viennese who barely survived the attack spoke in “Gossip with Budgen” about the fateful November 2nd, when he wanted to have a final beer with a friend in a city eatery. “I’m relatively grateful to still be,” said Andreas Wiesinger to “Vienna Today”. “Suddenly, around 8 o’clock, someone shouted loudly,” said the 42-year-old. “Then there were five or six dull, deep bangs. My first thought was that it should only have been firecrackers,” he recalls.

“A bullet missed my head”

Then the shock: “When we got up, someone came around the corner with a rifle. I saw muzzle flashes; bullets passed me on the left and right,” says the aviation expert. “I only have a small scratch on my head. Three millimeters more and I would look completely different. A bullet grazed my knee and gave me a deep flesh wound and otherwise – a bullet flew into my pocket.” She has his penal pen (see photo) shredded. Together with other local guests, he fled to the store cellar. “Then the people down there collapsed,” says Wiesinger.

As a victim, he was offered by the police to see the photo of the perpetrator’s body. The 42-year-old didn’t want that, but had a picture of the assassin shown when he was first arrested. Then the thin offender in the police detention center looked fearfully into the camera: “A little sausage – that’s the picture I want of him.”

Andreas Wiesinger in “Gossip with Budgen”Screenshot ORF

How does he himself plan his future? Andreas Wiesinger: “The first thing I want to do after the lockdown: go back to the renovated bar and have a beer.” That should be realizable …

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