Wife Dr. Dre fights for half his ability Entertainment

entertainment“>Nicole claims to have been forced to marry in 1996, which would mean she is not entitled to half of her newly ex’s money. “I was very reluctant, wanted to resist, was afraid to sign the agreement and felt cornered. Due to the extreme pressure and intimidation of Andre (Dr. Dre, ed.) I had no other option than to hire a lawyer and yet unwillingly signed the agreement just before our wedding ”, TMZ from the legal documents.

entertainment“>After two years, according to Nicole, the rapper changed his mind. “Andre admitted that he was ashamed of pressuring me to sign a premarital agreement, and he shredded several copies in front of me. Since the day he tore the deal, we both understood there was no more deal and he was void. ”

No pleasure

entertainment“>Initiatives of Dr. Dre deny that he was ashamed that he wanted to marry only under prenuptial agreement and that he returned to it. The rapper wants to pay maintenance after the divorce and pay for all her costs, but Nicole is not satisfied with that. She believes that her husband earned most of his assets during their marriage.

entertainment“>Nicole filed for divorce in June. The couple have two adult children together.

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