“Wife exposes husband’s affair after finding semen in his underwear: Court awards 150,000 yuan in compensation”

2023-05-29 02:37:48

When his wife washed his underwear, she found semen in the husband’s underwear, so she exposed him for having an affair. (Schematic / photoAC)

A man surnamed Ye in Taitung had an affair and often came home late. When the wife was helping her husband wash his underwear, he accidentally found traces of semen on the underwear. The husband confessed that he had slept with a woman surnamed Qiu many times, and called his wife “you fucking”, “What are you relying on me for?” The wife filed a lawsuit against the two, and the court awarded 150,000 yuan in compensation.

The verdict pointed out that You’s wife said that she married her husband in 2013 and had a son. Last year, she noticed that her husband often didn’t answer the phone or reply to the messages. , Only then did she know that her husband had engaged in a mistress, and her husband became angry and violent to her because of this, so she filed a lawsuit against the two for 800,000 yuan.

You’s wife said that when she was washing her husband’s underwear, she found traces of semen left on it. That’s why her husband confessed to having sex with Ms. Qiu many times. After the husband confessed to having an affair, he told his mother about it, and said that his wife wanted a divorce. He also insulted his wife, “You fucker”, “What are you doing to me”, etc., and threw an alcohol spray bottle at his wife.

Ye Nan argued that he and Ms. Qiu were just friends, and that he did not engage in any abnormal behaviors between men and women, let alone having sex. He also strictly observed the distinction between men and women when he went for a walk. The evidence presented by Mrs. You was one-sided. And he didn’t have an affair, and he was prevented from going to work by his natal family. In fact, there were no such things at all.

Ms. Qiu also said that You’s wife’s unilateral evidence did not prove the affair, and the recording did not record her and Ye Nan’s recordings. They were only going out drinking with him, and they were suspected of being together again. She also explained to You’s wife, But she doesn’t believe it. The judge reviewed the recording, and Mrs. You said, “You just had sex with a girl.” Ye Nan replied, “Yes, I was at fault for this matter.” His wife replied, “You just had sex with XXX.” Ye Nan said “How is it?” etc.

You’s wife’s mother said that her daughter would come to her house for work every day, so she could talk to her every day. The son-in-law used to come over at 6:00 after work, but he hadn’t been here since his daughter found out that he was having an affair. Last February During the Chinese New Year, she saw her son-in-law scrolling on his phone in a corner, and then rushed out. She felt strange. After the incident broke out, his son-in-law said that he wanted to divorce, “He will still call my daughter a garbage, trash, and die.”

You’s wife and mother said that after the daughter negotiated with them, the son-in-law confessed to having an affair, but she was right. Afterwards, her husband went to work to find Qiu’s daughter, but Qiu’s daughter refused to meet. After that, her daughter kept crying because her son-in-law had an affair, which made her become a Single mothers are sacrificed.

The judge pointed out that the photos of You’s wife’s injury, the translation of the dialogue, the medical certificate and other evidence can prove that Ye Nan and Qiu’s daughter crossed the legitimate social status of men and women and jointly violated You’s wife’s spousal relationship. The two were sentenced to 150,000 yuan in compensation. Appealable.

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